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Miku- January 2010 Entries

I combined all of Miku's January entries...


Showing off my abs o(≧∀≦)o

Nyappy o(≧∀≦)o

Happy New Years.
Please keep supporting me this year too.

This year I would like to become stronger as a man.
So every day, I am working hard on shaping up my body.

A couple days ago, I had my trainer-san take a picture of my abs for me.

It's started to take some shape now so I will show it. Can you tell I'm starting to get a line vertically??

I actually gained about 4 kilos, but all my pants have gotten so baggy. Muscles are heavier than fat.
Becoming fit is so amazing-.



Thank you.

This is Miku.

I haven't really sorted out my feelings yet, but I wrote what I'm feeling right now on the official blog.

Thank you for the messages and comments.



Salt-type? Or Sauce type?

This is Miku.

Starting today, I will go back to writing regular blog entries, ok. So once again, please keep supporting me.

Today I went to the gym. It was the first gym for 2010. I hadn't gone in a while so it was a bit tough. The sand-bags felt heavier than usual.

The thing I'm working on right now is strengthening my left side, because my left side is weak. I want to brush up on my hab and left-hook.

When I was doing Judo, I was mostly training my left side too. I'm right-handed, but I was a southpaw. I think, because generally there's a smaller ratio of left-handed people, so if you make a situation that the other person isn't used to, then you can get the upper hand. I look like this, but I actually made it to the City Tournament. I really recommend training your left side.

After that, I went to go see a live with the person who's done AnCafe's make-up this whole time, Yuuko san. Opamurin is the greatest!! So cute.
Opa-san really never ages.

On the way back home, I got to eat Cow's tongue. I think this was the first time I ate cow's tongue in Tokyo. Because you know, it's a Sendai food. Whenever I eat cow's tongue I always remember Teruki, who comes from Sendai, insistently saying "cow's tongue tastes better with salt, not sauce". Well, now I'm definitely a salt-type of person too though.
At that time, I was the one who didn't believe in his strong words, and whenever I ate it with sauce, he would make fun of me and say "you don't get it". I used to think, it doesn't make a difference, but now it does make a difference.
Salt is the best.

Good night-.



The Mystery of the Universe.

This is Miku.

Today I went to the National Science Museum. I suddenly wanted to know more about the beginning of the universe, the beginning of life, and all kinds of stuff. It's really weird, huh(laugh) I don't know why I suddenly got this urge. But, I guess what I wanted to know was a little bit more deeper, so I couldn't learn about it all at that place. But thanks to that, I got to learn a little bit more about the Universe.

Oh yeah, these days I see Furfur at the UFO catcher a lot. It's the teddy-bear you see on the detergent CMs.
There was this strong aura saying "take me home", so I used 500 yen and brought it back home.
It's always smiling so I named it "Smile". For those who watch Kuroshitsuji, you probably know where this name came from.

And on the way back home I got a boxing book.
Ok then, I'll go to the gym tomorrow!!



The Day my little sister was born.

This is Miku.

The date has changed already, but 1/10 was my little sister's birthday.
They say 1/10 is 110 day (110 in Japan is 911 in America), but it actually has some kind of connection.

Because my parent is a policeman. It would've been nice if it was a cute mini-skirt police, but it's just a regular policeman. However, it would've been nice if a pretty lady was wearing a mini-skirt, but in reality if my dad was wearing one, in some sense he would be arrested.

I started to imagine it, but I'll stop.

I went to Chrome to buy my sister's birthday present.

I found something cute so I bought one for myself too.
And on the way back I found a cute coat, so I got that.

Well anyways, congratulations younger sister.



Introducing my family.

Good evening. This is Miku.

Today I went back to my parent's house. No matter how many times I come back home, it doesn't feel like it's been a while since I've been back.
I feel like I've been happily living here the whole time. Maybe in the night my body is breaking away from me and coming back home to sleep-.

We started talking about boxing, and my little sister and I got into an arm wrestling match. I was planning on killing her in an instant, but she was surprisingly strong.
I won in the end, but I didn't look very cool. What I wanted to do was say "oh- you're pretty strong-" and hold it there in the middle and then just knock her down, but in the end I won as my arms quivered. I baton-touched it over to my dad and it was my dad VS little sister. This was really close too, but in the end my dad won.
My little sister is working part-time right now so I encouraged her saying "if you're this strong, you should do boxing and aim for the world's best." But anyway, the men in the Tsukiyama family. Are too weak(laugh)

My little sister is definitely stronger than some of those guys out there. Anyone who goes out with her is in trouble.
You shouldn't go out with her(laugh)

Oh yeah, today, I got the pictures I took with my family backstage after the Nippon Budoukan. So, I'll show it to you.

The one in the farthest left is my dad, second is my mom, third is me, and the fourth is chibide, and in the back is Yuuki(laugh).

Chibide is the nickname I used to call my little sister. I will hide the origin of the name.
Because I think she'll say "Miku you're so mean!!"(laugh)
(I think "chibide" is "chibi debu" which is "small&chubby")

PS My mom got mad at me when I posted up my dad's picture, so I covered his face.



Myself from hereon.

This is Miku.

Today I went to the hair salon.
I decided I should start some kind of part-time job so I made my hair black-.
Now I can go to any interview.

But I hadn't done this kind of straight black hair in a while.
I'm not used to it...
But I think my parents would be happy-.

These days I'm watching "Gachinko Fight Club" on youtube. It's a show about these rebellious kids becoming professional boxers.

I'll work hard so I can pass the pro-test too. I think my goal is one year later.
I need to carry out my own words.

I want to see it while I'm still living in all these situations.

The pictures are my before and after.



A Miku cosplay girl.

This is Miku.

I haven't been feeling well since yesterday. My head hurts and my joints hurt.
Sickness all starts in your head. So I'm not going to think about it.

Well well, there was this girl who cosplayed the clothes I wore at Nippon Budoukan, so I will introduce her.
Her name is...

"Nyappy chan(♀)"

So cute!! Oh no!!

This Nyappy costume was made by the same person who always makes our clothes, accco san. It's my birthday present. It's matching with mine, so I'm very impressed.

Well then, I guess I'll go to the gym today too and let out some sweat.



Kumasuke kun.

This is Miku.

My health has come back and I'm feeling better.

Today I went out drinking with some friends. We had a lot of fun and then we broke up into 2 groups: those going straight home, and those going to play pinball.

Of course, I was in the group going straight home.

Well, I made it seem like that and I went with the group going to play pinball(laugh). Anyways, we decided that whoever wins would buy all of us ramen.

The result was a complete loss...So we all happily went to the ramen place together. The ramen let us forget the sad feeling of losing. Amazing.

On the way back home we made this weird pinball alliance and left-.

The bear in the picture is "Kumasuke" who guards my keys for me

My keychain broke, so I decided to entrust my keys to this guy. He can let out a beam from his arm.




Secret Dessert.

This is Miku.

Today I went to the gym. These days I've gotten some physical strength, so I increased my rounds and I'm being hard on myself.
It feels good when you get better and better with the punches. I've built up some muscles and my body has gotten really tight now. Well, if there were 100 steps, I'm still at 1 though.

My face has gotten sharper looking too. Can you tell??

Oh yeah, are there people who got to Denny's a lot??
When you get a target dessert you get 1 ticket, but when you get 3 tickets, they'll give you a secret dessert.

Right now I'm really curious about this secret dessert...



The first step.

This is Miku.

Today I went out shopping.
I found some cute pants at H&M so I bought them. I actually went to H&M for the first time today.
I felt like I was in a shop overseas.

And then after that I bought the Tear-Drop sunglasses at Dolce&Gabbana. I always end up buying the same kind of shape of sunglasses all the time, so today I tried to change my direction and go a little bit hard. But, whenever I wear sunglasses I can only see myself as Tamuken...

Every time I look in the mirror I think of's a light illness.

After that I went to the bookstore and bought "Hajime no Ippo" (The First Step). Since I started boxing, I have to read this at least once, right. Yes, yes.

But, these days, when I watch the Softbank CM with SMAP I get hungry. It's against the rules to show HotDogs on TV late at night.

Ok, no-body really cares-. (Daita, Hikaru)



Jagged Heart.

This is Miku.

Wow-, every day is so cold I can't get out of the futon...
I was watching TV and they said starting today, the western part of Japan is going to get warmer.
I'm envious..I want it to hurry up and get warm.

I went to the gym today too. I couldn't concentrate very well today. I'll revenge tomorrow.
I had some time so I went to go visit the company office, which I hadn't done in a while.
I thought the company office brought back memories, but the scenery around the office brought back memories too.
It almost felt like I came back to my hometown or something.
And meeting the staff at the company office felt nostalgic like meeting a relative.

But, the desk-person, Kaori-san, said something that I never would have imagined and I was lightly shocked.
Since I started boxing and I got pretty sharp looking, I was kind of looking forward to seeing everyone. I was totally expecting everyone to praise me and say "you got cooler looking".

But the one thing the desk-person, Kaori-san told me.

"Miku, you got rounder. You've probably been over-eating some luxurious things during this break, huh??"


Hey, hey, that's not fair. That's a TKO.(technical knock out)

So anyways, my break ends tomorrow. I'm going to be so busy starting the day after tomorrow. I'll work hard and not lose!!




This is Miku.
It's not like I'm in Texas right now.

Yes. I went to the gym today too. When you look at the people around you, it motivates you. I want to be able to hit a strong straight punch too!! So much that the sandbag will shake vertically.

On the way back I went to McDonalds and ate the Texas burger. It looks like the Texas burger is sky-rocketing with sales right now!! I guess it's the most sold item up until now for McDonalds.
I understood the reason why with the taste.

It really feels like Texa--s!!
Do you get it?? I'll say it one more time.


You get it now, right?? It's good.

I don't really have anything to write today, so I'll introduce my most recent favorite colognes. The first one is Penhaligon's Endymion. It has a refined smell and I like it.
I wear it for proper occasions.

And the second one is Paco's Black XS. This one is spicy and sensual so I like it.
I recommend these!!

Well then.



A peculiar change.

This is Miku.

Today I had work. I hadn't done work in a while, so it felt fresh, and I was very thankful for getting a job.

The content of the work was a photoshoot and interview. It was interesting in many ways. I held up my fist, and did road-work, and I stood on a tree-stump with one leg and united my mind...
Well, you probably don't really get it, but please be waiting for it!!

And then, when I went to the company office, there was a peculiar change happening to our producer, Spark's chair.
On there was this weird cushion with this Loli-like girl on it.
It's a fact that is hard to believe. But, I'm not going to say anything about a person's taste.

Run swiftly, Spark!! And come back some day.



Getting rid of my creepiness.

This is Miku.

Today I fully enjoyed my day off. I went to the Pierce studio, did some shopping, got a massage, and P-ed(laugh)

I got a belly-button piercing at the Pierce studio. I was a little scared wondering how much it was going to hurt, but when I got it done it didn't hurt at all.
I was smiling the whole time after I got it. Because I've been interested in it for a while now. It looks nice too, so it's pretty nice.
But since I got it now, I need to make sure it doesn't rip.
The thing I'm most worried about is when I'm boxing. I probably need to guard it with something.

When I went out shopping today, I bought a waist-pouch. For bags, I like this brand called MasterPeace, but I bought a bag from that sister brand.

I have a reason as to why I bought a waist pouch. These days I've actually been empty-handed the whole time. How it all started was because of the TV, on this one TV show this lady was saying "guys who carry bags are creepy".
So then I started blaming myself that I was creepy. So, to lose the creepiness I was going empty-handed this whole time, and when I had meetings at the company office I would go empty-handed too, but in the end it was very inconvenient. Because, I had nothing to write with. I tried to remember the content of the meetings in my head, but I'm stupid so that was impossible. So what I should've done was bring something to write on, but I couldn't give up being empty-handed. Because I had a certain look I wanted.

But then, I had a dejavue with my past self. It was me, when I was in High School. Yes, I used to think it was really cool to go to school empty handed.
But then when I remembered that, I started to become so embarassed. I haven't grown up at all...
So, that's why I bought a waist-pouch that would fit a notebook. Because this way, I'm empty-handed in some sense!!

This became kind of long. Good night.



If there were taxes on my popularity, I would be bankrupt by tomorrow
(this "popularity" is when someone is so good looking, everyone loves them)

This is Miku.

I went to the gym today too. The atmosphere at the gym was different today.
I don't know why, but there was a lot of really strong looking people...We were hitting the same sandbags together, but their power was obviously different from mine. I kept hitting it because I didn't want to lose, but at 1R I was worn out. I guess today there's going to be a New Year's Party, so a lot of players from other gyms came here too. I need to work hard too.

Oh yeah yeah, I was reading this month's Men's Spider, and there was a really funny catch-phrase on there.
Usually there are these catch-phrases next to the models, but do you know what I mean?
The catch-phrase that cracked me up was

"If there were taxes on my popularity, I would be bankrupt by tomorrow"

That's a nice phrase. But I've never seen anyone bankrupt.

Another one was

"Honor, status, money, I've got it all now, so I'll start walking"


I want a catch phrase too-. Think of one-.

The picture is the Jewelry Water that I got from a Cafekko. It looks so cute, so I'm refilling and using the bottle(laugh)
Even if I'm drinking water, I feel all extravagant and it's so nice!!

Well then, good night.




This is Miku. I was drawing in my eyebrows, so I just had fun and scribbled too.

I'm Miku Depp.



Making lyrics.

This is Miku.

I thought it was getting warmer recently, but it went back to being winter again.
What a violent weather. My dog, Nyappy, is always next to the heater too.

Today I went out shopping for a little bit, and for the rest of the time I devoted my time to writing lyrics.
I'm writing a love-relationship kind of song, but it always turns out girly.
I hate to say this myself, but I'm what you call an Otomen(laugh)
("otomen" is a guy who's not necessarily gay, but he just likes girly things. The outward appearance is a very handsome guy, but in the inside he likes cooking, sewing, playing with dolls, etc...)
Because I love shoujo (girl's) manga. I like most of the manga that are in cookie. I think the only guy who likes that kind of philosophy of love is me. So anyways, I was being carefree and writing lyrics the whole time.

Oh yeah yeah, recently, there's this cellphone that I really want. It's not for sale yet, but it's docomo's PRO series SH03B. With this phone, you can type words like a computer. I'm looking forward to typing fast. You can organize your schedule with this phone too, so you don't need a notebook. Of course, I'm aiming for the color black. It said it's going on sale in February, but I wonder when it is?? I don't want it to be sold out-.

Well then, good night-.



Ramen Prince.

This is Miku.

Yesterday, I drained a lot of sweat at the gym and after that my friend took me to a ramen place.
According to my friend, he said with lots of confidence that this place has "a distinct flavor", so as the self-proclaimed Ramen Prince, I was very excited.

Once we got to the ramen place, there were people lined up all the way outside. This has high expectations. And at that point my friend started bragging about this store once again. "The Johnny's members ○○ and ○○ came here before too"
Mumumu, and my expectations are evern higher now.

But then, at the ATM next to the ramen place, a pretty lady appears!!

My friend starts getting super excited. Of course, I was getting pretty excited too, but in my head the ramen was winning. Well, let's just say that's how it was.
We could only see her back side, so my friend waited there so he could see her face.

But, God abandoned my friend. The seats opened up at the ramen place. In the end we went inside without seeing her face.

The ramen was a rare salt-flavored tsukemen (when the noodles and soup are seperate). It was a new sensation. It was salt, but it was pretty heavy and the taste was very bold. There was a lot of noodles too, so I recommend it to people who like to eat a lot.

So anyways, today was a Ramen report. Who do you think the person who barged into the picture is??
If you get it right, you get 15000 Nyappy. It's just as useless as Eco points-.



The World's.

This is Miku.

Today Oyabin(like a teacher or leader) invited me, and I got to go see ONE-TWO-Sixx san's live.
Oyabin, is the person who guided me to the martial arts world.
Today was the first time I could see Oyabin's live, so I was really excited.

But Oyabin's member's are all amazing people. The guitar is Jean Tohru MANNALEY san. And, SUSSY san and HIDEAKI san. Aren't there a lot of guitars??(laugh)
The bass was that IKUO san. Wow!! And the drum was JOE san. It's a gathering of all big shots.
And I got to see this at Meguro's Live station, how lucky am I.

Of course the songs were cool. But the MC was funny too. Jean Tohru MANNALEY san's MC is the best. I was laughing the whole time. He has such a bad mouth, but he's so nice which is the cool part.
And I also think he's the type of person who gets mad easily.

And then even more major guests came out too which surprised me!! That famous music producer TK?? and the King of Pop?? MJ came out. I was surprised by that.
IKUO san's moonwalk was so cute. And for some strange reason Danchou san was there too.
In the end on stage, he said "forget about me", so I completely forgot.

It was a fun day. Good night.



Premium Dessert

This is Miku.

Today I went to the gym, and when I got back home I concentrated on writing lyrics.

At the gym, I actually did my first Mass boxing. I went up onto the ring and fought, but of course when you actually get to fight, things don't go well. I got punched right on the face and my contact flew out(laugh)
I hate losing, so I didn't back down, but I realized how much more I need to work.

After that I just kept writing lyrics the whole time.
These days, I get writer's block quicker. It's like I don't have the concentration power or since I've been doing boxing the whole time it became harder for me to stay still or something. This isn't good.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with ageha san.
Good night.

PS. Has anyone eaten Lawson's Premium Dessert?? It's so good!!




Which one is my hand??



The answer to the quiz.

This is Miku.

The answer to the quiz is the hand in the front. Those of you who reasoned, that I was the one who took the picture is very smart. Oh, well I guess that's normal(laugh)

But, I don't know what that pose means...Someone please tell me.

Well then, today I went to the gym yet again. Today I did it for 3 straight hours. Towards the end I was half dying, and my throat was so dry even though I kept drinking, and my head was barely conscious.
When I got back home, I went straight to bed and did nothing but sleep.
Today I went onto the ring too. But, my partners are always so huge. Well, maybe I'm just really small. But it felt good!!

After I woke up, I wrote lyrics the whole time. It never ends.
Ahh, I want to go snowboarding soon. I bought a VOLCOM suit-. It's super flashy.

Well then, I'll go back to lyric writing. Bye!!

If I have time, I'll try doing all of Shou's and Nao's January entries too later...

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  • HELLO...again!

    Sorry for not updating in a REALLY long time!! I'm not sure if I can go back all these months and catch up to now, but I'll start from today or this…

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